Internet Security

Barry Bowers

September 23, 2019

Since 91 percent of data breaches start with an email, it is not a matter of if you will be targeted but when.

Yes, that is a bold statement but internet attackers are pretty bold themselves.

When attackers go “phishing” it is an attempt to encourage you to click on a link, open an attachment or provide personal information by email. They might be gathering the information to buy or sell. They also might install a tracking device on your computer and do some damage later.

Any business that keeps customer information risks the theft of that information. And because of the diligence of hackers, it is getting more complicated to secure data.

This means we all need to be more aware and diligent.

For example, never send personal information in an email. Never open an attachment in an email if you are not expecting one. Do not click on a link in an email unless you are confident it is valid.

And keep your malware and internet security software current.

Liscio is the best system we have found to defend ourselves and our clients. It is a secure message system that looks and works just like email.

The difference is that Liscio is a direct link between our office and the client. The data is encrypted at banking-level security to protect data and eliminate worries about spam and phishing.

Another benefit is Liscio conveniently stores your information and documents so they are always available. A system can be set up to limit users to the exact information they need access to.

Yet another advantage is user-friendliness. A couple of short videos will help new users get started in no time.

We didn’t decide on Liscio lightly. We tried several systems to handle communication and the transfer of information securely. Most work well but none are as easy to use as Liscio.

It was actually developed by accountants so it is designed to specifically meet the needs of those of us involved in the profession.

It all starts with training. We train our staff about phishing tactics and keep up-to-date on the most current threats out there. Established policies for email and document transfer are key to all this.

While we work directly with Liscio to keep current on new processes, we also use a vendor named KnowBe4 to train us on phishing and hacking attempts.

KnowBe4 provides direct training modules for our staff but also performs random phishing attempts to determine who is vulnerable to attacks. Then we can train accordingly.

Every business – no matter what the size – is at risk; no one is exempt. If you are connected to the internet, you are a potential target.

These are not comforting words. But vendors such as Liscio and KnowBe4 can supply some peace of mind to you and your clients.

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