Barry Bowers

October 29, 2019

QuickBooks (QB) is far from a new thing but it continues to be one of the best tools for businesses that need comprehensive, easy-to-use software.

QB is an accounting software program that was originally designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. However, it has enough capacity these days for very large companies too.

It all depends on individual needs.

Because it is adaptable, QB can cater to a very small, checkbook style of accounting, as well as to a full general ledger system – and everything in between. To illustrate its popularity, please note that 80 percent of small businesses in the United States use QB.

The software manages sales and expenses, while tracking daily transactions. Everything is tracked by date so it can be used in reports or to compare to prior periods of activity.

In addition, QB is used for invoices, paying bills, generating reports and tax filing. Tracking inventory and payroll functions are in the mix too.

The icing on this cake is that QB is very user-friendly. Almost anyone can use it with confidence after very little training.

With this resource in our toolkit, we easily work with clients’ QB files. There are a couple of ways to do this.

One method uses a third party that allows clients to send us a copy of their QB files in a secure link. This is very fast and easy to use, and eliminates the need to back up or mail a file.

We can also host the QB file on a server that allows a client and our team to log on from any computer. This means we are all working in the same file.

QB options include desktop and online.

The desktop version, which you buy and own, allows you to load the software in your computer. A new version is released annually but you don’t have to update every year unless you use the QB payroll module. Then you are required to update at least every three years.

The online version is quickly becoming more popular. It looks different than the desktop version but accomplishes the same results. The online version is based on a monthly subscription model that is continually updated.

It can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and works great for business owners on the move.

Since there are pros and cons to both versions, we talk with clients to determine which is better in their circumstances.

We have six Quick Books ProAdvisors in our office and three are certified. Certification requires completing some basic study webinars and passing an annual test. There are separate certifications for desktop and online QB. We are certified in both.

This expertise allows us to better support our clients with enhanced resources and prevents calling on regular tech support. It saves time and the cost of tech-support fees.

QB seminars

We take QB offerings to the next level by hosting periodic seminars in our office.

For example, we sponsor a four-hour seminar that gives a student the basics of the software. This is a good way to gain a general overview of the program. The fee is $147 per person; it includes lunch and a comprehensive reference guide.

As you know, people are often a bit reluctant to jump right into software that is foreign to them. But they quickly recognize that these QB sessions are a great way to learn without the headaches of trial and error on their own. These classes also help us begin relationships with clients, who come away with peace of mind.

You don’t have to be a Spectrum CPA Partners client to take advantage of these sessions; anyone is welcome. Sheri Yager, our in-house trainer, coordinates the classes.

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