November 22, 2016


icon-consultingBusiness Consulting – Strategies to Help Your Business Grow & Thrive

We know that there are many aspects of running a successful operation. We support clients on a full-service basis and ensure that you are successful from the launch of your business and as you move forward. We cover all the bases—offering everything from entity selection and initial setup of your accounting records to accounting software conversion and QuickBooks training.

icon-bossBOSS™ – Back Office Support System Think of Us as Your Internal Accounting Department

BOSS™ is an all-inclusive solution that offers small businesses relief from the day-to-day accounting hassles while providing 24/7 access to financial data. We pay your bills, record deposits, prepare payroll and payroll tax returns, furnish financial statements, produce W-2s, prepare tax returns, and supply valuable financial and tax advice throughout the year. You define your immediate needs and we assess how BOSS can be integrated.

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General Ledger
Reconcile bank accounts
Reconcile electronic transactions into QuickBooks
Reconcile credit card accounts
Prepare payroll
Submit payroll taxes to agencies
Prepare payroll tax returns
Provide employee access to electronic paystubs
Provide employer access to electronic pay records
Prepare W-2’s
Pension Remittance
Accounts Payable
Process bills and vendor payments
Track credit card expenses and receipts
Process employee expense reports
Prepare 1099’s for contractors
Provide digital access to paid bills
Tax preparation
Prepare monthly financial statements
Prepare monthly budget reports
Review pension compliance
Review other employee deductions for compliance
Tax planning
General business consulting
Quarterly video conference to review key performance measures


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