December 2, 2016


Agriculture Industry

We know the challenges that you face within the industry and are up to date on agribusiness industry trends and familiar with cash flow management, depreciation and tax benefits for farmers, USDA farm program and FSA requirements. We can also answer your questions on crop insurance planning, production deductions for farmers, equipment acquisition and depreciation, family farm succession planning, land trusts and family estates, IRS controversies for farmers and ranchers, and much more. We will create an accounting program that is right for you and put you on the right path toward long-term financial security.

Oil & Gas Industry

Our team of financial professionals works in partnership with oil and gas companies helping them navigate the dynamic energy market and optimize their operations for maximum profitability. You can count on our firm to keep abreast of industry trends and to use our expert knowledge, complex oil and gas accounting, and tax rules to ensure your business stays in compliance. Let our dedicated team of experienced professionals provide you with the specialized accounting, payroll, and tax services required to put your business on the path to success

Construction Industry

With extensive experience providing full-service accounting to the construction industry, we are uniquely familiar with your day-to-day operations; the need for orderly, accurate financial data; the requirements to ensure a pain-free audit; and much more. We understand the challenges that you face within the industry, such as increasing costs and competition, and have years of experience helping businesses like yours overcome these obstacles. We’ve worked with all types of construction professionals, including HVAC providers, masons, excavators, electricians, and small general contractors. Therefore, we provide the industry-specific expertise required to evaluate your business


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